Malopolski Graphic Cluster was founded on 19th January 2012 in Krakow as a result of 10 years cooperation between companies connected with printing and advertising industry. Five companies founded the Cluster, and the M.M. Druk Serwis sp. z o.o. become its Coordinator, as a company, which has a rich experience and comprehensive knowledge of  issues connected with widely understood printing industry, because since 1999 year M.M. Druk Serwis is working in this area. The number of Cluster Members is rising systematically, these includes units from the business environment, printing houses, advertising agencies and also higher education and trade schools. 

Malopolski Graphic Cluster connects companies interested in printing and advertising industry development. This ensures interdisciplinary character  and complete solutions within the undertaken projects. Thanks to this, Cluster gets more value in the form of mutual know-how and experience exchange and interaction between Members, which contributes to strengthen their competitive positions on the market and also to increase potential of relation.

The idea of creating  Malopolski Graphic Cluster was to integrate printing and advertising industry in Malopolska region, increase its innovate and also to initiate field of study connected with printing technologies on one of the Malopolska Universities.

Main aim of the Cluster Members is to develop the printing and advertising sector, especially they emphasize  the cooperation with widely understood education sector, having in mind that just properly trained personnel is the future of the printing industry. Long-term cooperation with Group of Printig-Bookselling Schools im. Zenona Klemensiewicza  in Krakow manifests itself, for example in organizing visits, trainings and practices in companies and also in having jointly organized  Graphic Competitions, since last 3 years.

Cluster, by its activity, is trying to help young people with their transition from education to professional life. These activities were noticed during competition called “School for labor market”, implemented by Ministry of Education, and awarded by the “Vocational Oscar” title. In pursuing to achieve own goals, Members of Malopolski Graphic Cluster took also the initiative to open new field of study. With the authorities of High European School im. ks. Józefa Tischnera, it was decided to open new course called “Advertising Graphics and Multimedia”, while on university of Technology in Krakow im. Tadeusza Kościuszki,  there will run a course called “Multimedia and printing technologies” from 2015/2016 year. 

Having in mind develop the printing industry in Malopolska region and also increase competitiveness of each Members, Cluster initiated creation of the Digital Printing Centre. In this Centre are ongoing research and development works on digital printing, conducted by Cluster Members and Universities, and also are executed digital printing orders, on Canon machine, which is owned by Cluster. To support loyalty of the customers, save their time and keep European standards, Cluster is working on Web to Print and Print on demand applications.